Adventurous crossing to Colombia

The only interruption of the Panamericana between North and South America is the Darien Gap. Due to the difficult terrain and the almost impassable rainforest, the road is interrupted here for over 150 km. Because this area is so difficult to access, it is one of the few untouched nature reserves in the world. Drug …

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Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Costa Rica was one of the countries I had been looking forward to for a long time. Almost all people who had been there once told me how beautiful this country was. Accordingly, my expectations were high. Unfortunately, the first days along the Pacific coast were anything but beautiful. The Pacific side is, as before …

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Into lofty heights

After an exciting and varied week in Mexico City, it was time to say goodbye again and continue my tour. I will certainly remember the great encounters and the wonderful time with newly made friends for a long time. Willy from Germany, whom I had met on my trip in La Paz, was in Mexico …

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Auténtico México

After 3 wonderful … I mean, but incredibly exhausting days on the Serenity, it went on for me to the Mexican mainland. After so much rest and relaxing days on the ship and in Barra de Navidad where I enjoyed the tropical beaches with the crew of Serenity and explored the surroundings with the stand …

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Dolce Vita on the Serenity

New year, new luck! Actually, I wanted to go from La Paz to Mazatlán with a sailboat at the beginning of January to continue my tour on the mainland. At the Marina La Paz, even before Susanne came to visit, I met a man from Alaska who promised to take me on his sailboat. We …

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Baja California with Susanne

On December 7, I set out from Marc and Amelie’s office to pick up my friend Susanne from the airport. I was excited and very happy to finally see her again after almost half a year and to hold her in my arms. Before heading to the airport, I had an appointment at the private …

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