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The true face of the Andes

From “Pucallpa” my journey led me further south. The day before departure, I checked my bike again and realized that some parts were missing. My pump, an extra rear light, my “Multitool bicycle tool” and my “Leatherman” were missing. After checking and checking several times, it was clear to me that the missing parts were …

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The depths of the Amazon

From “El Coca” we went over the “Rio Napo”, one of the countless tributaries of the Amazon, about 200 km to “Nuevo Rocafuerte”, a small jungle settlement at the border to Peru. This boat trip took 12 hours. Since it was the dry season, the river had only a shallow water depth. The “Rio Napo” …

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To the center of the world

Shortly after the border town “Ipiales” I crossed the border to Ecuador. The border crossing went smoothly and after a few minutes I was now driving in the 11th country of my trip. In the next bigger town “Tulcan” I first organized a new sim card, changed my money and prepared everything for the next …

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Adventurous crossing to Colombia

The only interruption of the Panamericana between North and South America is the Darien Gap. Due to the difficult terrain and the almost impassable rainforest, the road is interrupted here for over 150 km. Because this area is so difficult to access, it is one of the few untouched nature reserves in the world. Drug …

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Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Costa Rica was one of the countries I had been looking forward to for a long time. Almost all people who had been there once told me how beautiful this country was. Accordingly, my expectations were high. Unfortunately, the first days along the Pacific coast were anything but beautiful. The Pacific side is, as before …

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